(KXNET) — Giving Hearts Day is set to kick off next week and members are looking to get Senators involved.

Giving Hearts is a 24-hour give-a-thon across North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota with over 560 charitable causes.

The event is looking to bring out the best in people, along with state legislatures.

And this year, they want to make every district in the state participate in Giving Hearts Day, making the North Dakota map completely red for the cause.

Giving Hearts began in Fargo but anyone in North Dakota and Minnesota can participate.

“That’s why we are really doing this challenge in Bismarck this year. To really bring awareness to all the legislatures across the state the different things they can do. So we are asking them to donate to a charity of their choice or to post something on their social media so their constituents know about it,” said Senator Kristina Roers with District 27.

And when you do that, you will get a heart-shaped pin. They will place the pin on their district on the Giving Hearts Map.