NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Since kids have gone back to class and restarted their routines, Parents Lead is reminding adults of tools and resources that help navigate emotional responses that kids have during this time.

According to a news release, classroom learning is vital to growth for kids, but understanding their behavioral health needs is also vital to their health and well-being.

When a kid’s mental health is not seen or treated, it impacts their ability to learn and develop.

The transition back into school can be stressful, and the change can bring on anxious feelings for everyone, not just the kids.

But Parents Lead has four ways, that are easy, to help ease worries.

  1. Keep talking. Parents and caregivers should talk openly with their kids about feelings and changes that are happening. Let them express their thoughts and acknowledge them so that they feel understood. Consistency is key to making sure kids know that you love and support them, no matter what.
  2. Create routines. Kids need consistency, even more during a time of transition. New schools, friends, and schedules cause anxiety. Establish a morning and evening routine to include enough sleep, healthy meals, and giving time to relax and enjoy activities with friends and family.
  3. Encourage involvement. Encourage them to make connections with other friends or activities. Let them find things that let them feel comfortable and express new interests. This lets them gain self-confidence and develop skills and talents.
  4. Stay engaged. Supporting your kid is crucial to keeping them safe and confident. Participate in school events, support them in after-school activities, or just sit with them while they’re doing schoolwork. The engagement makes a difference in their success.

Parents Lead also have tools and resources to professionals who work with kids and their parents or caregivers on recognizing signs and symptoms of concern, early intervention strategies, treatment and recovery, and other resources.

If you would like more information, you can visit this website.