(KXNET) — On Tuesday morning, Governor Doug Burgum joined state lawmakers to sign three bills they hope will support police officers in North Dakota.

This session, lawmakers passed House Bill 1307, which provides $3.5 million in what are called ‘back the blue’ grants for police and sheriff’s departments in North Dakota to hire more officers and give raises.

The grant money will be awarded by Attorney General Drew Wrigley. Of the $3.5 million funding, $750,000 must be given to departments with 10 or fewer employees.

“And we know that when you’re in one of those small agencies,” said Governor Burgum, “sometimes the work is even harder, not easier, because there are less people to relieve you on shifts, everybody is on-call all the time.”

“The message that’s being sent out today is, come be a law enforcement officer in North Dakota because we want you here,” Mandan Police Chief Jason Ziegler said.

Governor Burgum also signed Senate Bill 2147 which gives an income tax break to retired police officers and House Bill 1309, which gives the Bureau of Criminal Investigations agents a one percent raise in monthly benefits starting next winter.