NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Despite suffering an unforeseeable injury, Governor Doug Burgum will take to the stage for Wednesday night’s first Republican Presidential Primary Debate.

According to his campaign team, Governor Burgum was playing pickup basketball with members of his campaign on Tuesday when he injured his Achilles tendon.

However, the Governor is out, on crutches, and plans to take part in the first debate.

Earlier this month he told KX News in an interview that quote: “We’re in a cold war with China.”

However — the years of reporting on Governor Burgum show a different angle.

Burgum initially supported the $700 million Fufeng Chinese corn milling plant near Grand Forks Air Force Base.

He eventually shifted to “neutral” and then eventually “against” the Fufeng project as national pressure pushed forward during a federal review process.

Burgum also never had a problem with our legacy and pension funds invested in China and other places.

He did not use his platform as loudly as he is now when it comes to China’s influence.

So on Wednesday night, KX News going to take a closer look at how Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum’s stance on China stacks up against Governor Doug Burgum’s stance on China.

“Well, that’s easy, because the minute that there was any kind of security concern regarding the corn plant, the plan was canceled by the Grand Forks City Council and all the appropriate things. I mean, we called for a review from the Committee on Foreign Investment. The minute that project was announced, we waited for nine months to hear back from them. They said nothing, but when the Air Force said they thought there was some concern, it was canceled,” said Gov. Burgum.

Burgum says it was a Wisconsin subsidiary of a Chinese company. He says once there was an official concern of national security, it was canceled.

“Of course, China is our number one concern. They steal our IP. We’re in a cold war with China, and all the things that we have to do to protect our innovation in this country we need to do, but right now, they’re a total threat to our country and our future. And the Biden energy policy that’s going on right now, where they basically want to eliminate liquid-fueled engines. I mean, get rid of internal combustion machines in favor of EVs when China controls 85% of the rare earth minerals in the world. This would just be training OPEC for Sinopec. So, I mean, I feel like that Biden energy policy was actually designed by China because it just shifts all our dependence on them at a time when we know that they will use and control those minerals as a weapon. I mean, just a few weeks ago, they were putting export limitations controls on rare earth minerals going to Japan, one of our great allies.” said Gov. Burgum.

He went on to stress that China is a huge threat to us, and our government and military need to be prepared to defend ourselves and allies around the world.

Now, in a number of national interviews, Burgum has said he plans to quote: “fix this crazy economy.”

But how does he propose to do so, beyond cutting government spending?

“Well, first of all, I mean, government spending is a huge problem. And the trillions of dollars that the Biden administration has pushed out, have driven inflation up for Americans. And inflation is just such a horrible hidden tax. It was just a report on CNN two days ago, that said, the average American family is spending over $700 more a month on the things they need, like food, energy, that gas at the pump, the price of electricity, all of these things, that they just maintain their lives. I mean, that’s over $8,000 a year per family, under Biden, that prices have gone up. And now interest rates, you know, hitting their 22-year high. They haven’t been as high for some people in their lifetime. And then in the price of gas, the pump, everybody’s paying too much for their energy, because of the Biden energy policies that are empowering dictators and destabilizing the world,” said Gov. Burgum.

He says when he is in the White House, he will use his background as a farm boy on the ranch, and one in tech to his advantage. Burgum says he knows what working people are going through.

“Now you know, the red tape from the Biden administration, they’ve done more executive orders and more red tape in the first two and a half years in the Biden than the Obama administration did in four years. And so, they’re on a record pace of red tape that’s just choking every American, every small business, and we just have to focus on innovation, not regulation. We got to get the government out of the way and get this economy sprinting instead of crawling,” said Gov. Burgum.

The two-hour debate is set to start at 8 o’clock Central time.

It will be hosted by Fox News Channel, with hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum moderating.