A Grand Forks native has won the latest episode of a new dance challenge competition Dancing with Myself.

Lily Goehring appeared in season one, episode four of NBC’s Dancing with Myself, a show where a group of dancers competes each week in a series of high-energy dance challenges that are designed and demonstrated by the show’s celebrity creators, including Shakira.

After six intense rounds, Lily, 15, danced away winning her episode and a $25,000 prize.

The show began with 12 homegrown dancers, each in a pod. After each unique dance round, a studio audience voted on who should be saved. They were also judged by a panel, including Shakira, Nick Jonas, and Liza Koshy.

“My name is Lily Goehring, and I love dancing,” Lily said in her opening lines when the show introduced her. She said she has hearing loss in her left ear, and that she doesn’t see deafness as a disability, but rather as a superpower.

And after a competitive first round, Lily was saved first. She also won her second round and received a standing reaction from Koshy.

In the third round, she wound up in the row at risk of elimination — and Shakira had something to say.

“Now Lily, you wound up in the row. I don’t like it one bit. You have so much energy when you dance. I don’t know I just feel like you just had like five cups of Colombian coffee with a pound of sugar in it. You just dance like a superhero,” Shakira said with a smile.

But it didn’t get Lily down.

“When I have my goal set on something, I always do my best to keep going forward and don’t let myself get down and I always try to stay positive about every situation,” Lily said.

Immediately after, Koshy added: “Miss Lily you’re feeling it in every fiber of your being, yes you are.”

With only four people left in the competition, Lily was then saved again and moved on to the fifth round.

After dancing her heart out in this round, all three judges were impressed and she was saved first, again.

“Lily, what was that! That was crazy! Oh my gosh,” Jonas said.
“I think Lily’s missing some vertebrae,” Shakira added.
“You jumped through hoops for us literally,” Koshy finished.

In the last round, the remaining two contestants were both able to create an original dance for their last chance at winning — and Lily didn’t come up short.

After the audience voted for Lily to win the show and money, she said she can’t wait to buy a new car as she’ll be getting her driver’s license soon.

Lily is a student and now lives in Las Vegas.