NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — You can expect to see quite a few new proposals on your election ballots this year, but how will some of those proposals affect you?

Measure 1 is a constitutional change proposal on the ballot this year.

If passed, Measure 1 would limit the governor to two, four-year terms in office and state legislators to eight years in the House and eight years in the Senate.

Currently, these elected leaders serve four-year terms with no restrictions on the length of service.

If this proposal is passed, some groups are concerned that Measure 1 would take away the rights of voters.

“So what we’re looking at and why the average citizen should care is, they know what they need, they know who their representation should be. So, let’s let them continue to choose and not have government issue that changes for change’s sake,” said Greater North Dakota Chamber Director of Communications, Amanda Remynse.

The measure’s language also would bar the Legislature from proposing amendments to alter or repeal the term limits; only citizens would be able to do so.

The measure does not affect Congress.