NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — With North Dakota’s harvesting season just around the corner, farmers are preparing for one of the best harvests in years.

Vital, diverse, resilient.

Just a few words that describe North Dakota’s thriving agriculture industry.

North Dakota’s 25,000 farmers and ranchers are looking forward to a possible record harvesting season.

“This has been a tremendously good year for us. And commodity prices have been very good. I think that most farmers are very happy with the way that this year has turned out,” said Eric Eriksmoen, research agronomist for the North Central Research Center.

The USDA is projecting 51 bushels per acre for wheat this year, which is 20 more bushels than last year.

But due to the late spring and higher summer temperatures, farmers are preparing for the possibility of a later harvest this year.

There are other pressures on producers this year as well, including grasshoppers and higher disease numbers than last year.

“Grasshoppers have been a really big issue and it actually starts from last year’s drought. We had grasshoppers that laid a bunch of eggs. And those eggs have over-wintered and come out this year,” said Eriksmoen.

From mid-August to early September, farmers will be harvesting small grain.

Barley and Canola, the two main crops that the state produces, are being harvested now.

Soybeans and dry beans will be harvested in late September.

And late-season crops like corn will be harvested in October, and even into November this year.

Eriksmoen said, “This year was an exceptionally good year for small grain production, in this part of the state anywhere. And the harvest is moving along, it’s a little bit later than we typically have seen. But yields have been very good.”

Eriksmoen says farmers will have their hands full starting next week and into November.

Stay with us as we continue to navigate North Dakota’s harvesting season.

North Dakota farmers take pride in keeping their harvests local, and the annual Pride of Dakota Harvest Showcase highlights just that.

The Dickinson event will be held in September, and Minot’s in October.