NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota brings home a big award from a National speech competition, and it comes with patriotism, honor, and love.

13-year-old Halie Hoffer and her mom Tabatha traveled to Columbus, Ohio all the way from Harvey, North Dakota for the National God, Country, and Flag competition, a competition where children ages 10 to 15 prepare a three-minute speech about what God, their flag or their country means to them.

“My idea was to do a poem because I usually never hear anybody do a poem and I wanted to like talk about like what it meant to me mostly not like the date of history, mostly because I don’t want it to sound like a history lesson,” said the God, Flag, and Country winner, Halie Hoffer.

Since her return home, Halie has become quite the local celebrity.

At their local grocery store, she keeps getting stopped and told just how good she did.

“Just in Harvey mostly, there’s people that are recognizing me like right away and congratulating me like right away and it honestly feels like a great thing because it shows that people are showing to care and like knowing it,” said Hoffer

Halie looks forward to competing again next year and to inspire the kids in her community to participate in events like this as well.

Because you never know how far your words and love of country can take you.

Now that Halie is back home, she is looking forward to spending time with her dogs again.

To see some Halie’s speech, visit the FOE Wells Auxiliary 3080 Facebook.