BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — A study performed by prescription assistance site NiceRx has identified the US states where individuals are paying the most for healthcare and prescription medication, and what injuries and illnesses take the most out of patient pockets.

North Dakota is the state with the 6th highest healthcare costs in the US, averaging about $9,851 needing to be spent to keep one person healthy. Here’s a list of the ten most expensive states when it comes to healthcare:

StateHealthcare Spending Per Person
North Dakota$9,851
New York$9,778
New Hampshire$9,589
Rhode Island$9,551

North Dakota’s medical costs don’t just stop at health insurance. We’re also the state that spends the third-largest amount on average for prescription medication (only surpassed by Rhode Island and Massachusetts). A typical prescription in North Dakota costs an average of $222.36. We aren’t alone in high medication costs, however: fellow plains states like Minnesota and South Dakota also report rising medical costs.

StateNumber of PrescriptionsTotal Prescription ChargesAverage Prescription Cost
Rhode Island900,161259.6M$288.37
North Dakota3,422,975761.1M$222.36
North Carolina30,156,1215.8B$192.61
South Dakota1,660,918277.1M$166.81

In terms of the most expensive and frequent problems that need to be cured, the top contender is not an infection or strain, but strangely enough, kidney stones. These dastardly mineral deposits, while usually small enough to be dealt with at home, can sometimes need costly medical intervention to break up larger stones. An average kidney stone treatment at a hospital costs roughly $4,297 due to the high chance of them returning and the growing demand for treatment. The top nine most costly injuries and illnesses are as follows:

Injury or IllnessAverage Treatment Cost
Kidney Stones$4,247
Urinary Tract Infections$2,598
Intestinal Infections$2,398
Normal Pregnancies or Deliveries$2,008
Open Wounds or Extremities$1,650
Sprains and Strains$1,498
Back Problems$1,476
Upper Respiratory Infections$1,101

The full study on healthcare costs can be viewed here.