Heartbroken? ND is one of the top 5 states to live in for such an emotion

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A nonscientific survey by an insurance price comparison site found the average North Dakotan has experienced heartbreak a little over three times in his or her lifetime, and that it takes about 16 months to get over it.

That puts North Dakota at #5 among the top states when it comes to heartbreak.

According to the survey, nationwide, the average number of heartbreaks per person is 2.55, and the average recovery time is 13.48 months.

In general, North Dakotans have more heartbreak than the national average (3.16) and take longer to get over it than the national average (16.26 months).

What are the causes of heartbreak, according to the survey? A romantic relationship (76 percent of those surveyed), the loss of a family member (70 percent), the loss of a pet (55 percent) and a friendship (48 percent).

You can read more on the survey here.

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