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Veterans worried about the cost of saying goodbye to their loved one can now breathe a little easier.
That’s because last month, lawmakers approved a bill allowing the state to pay for the burials of military spouses and dependents, who are eligible.  
Through the spousal independent burial fee, a 550 dollar expense will now be taken care of by the state.
The bill was initially introduced by Senator Richard Marcellais, a Vietnam Vet.
We talked with the head of the Veterans Cemetery– and she tells us it’s another win for our veterans.
“And so it definitely will help out families they will have a less expense with that taking place and I do see it as a positive because some families do actually wait on the burial of their loved one because they can’t afford that so it definitely is a help,” said Pam Helbling-Schafer, the Director of the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.
The program takes effect on March first, 20-20.
She adds the cemetery is also planning a new building that would house those who decide to be cremated.

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