NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — So it’s post-election you won? What are your legislative priorities?

“Well, first thing is we’re working really hard. We never take anything for granted. We’ll keep doing that. And, obviously, it’s up to the voters. It’s an honor and a privilege to work for the people of North Dakota. But, you know, we’ll stay focused on what’s best for North Dakota and, for example, our largest industries, our Ag and energy. So, you know, we’re an ag powerhouse, we’re an energy powerhouse. I’m the top Republican on Ag Appropriations, I’m the second-ranking Republican on the Ag Committee, and we’re gonna write a five-year farm bill next year, incredibly important for North Dakota, I’ll be there, obviously, you know, leading that effort to write that bill. So that’s a huge priority. And incredibly important. Also, we’re an energy powerhouse, you know. And that means producing from all different types of energy. And one of the big things we’ve done is really been innovative in terms of keeping our coal-fired electric industry going. And that, you know, we’ll continue to move forward, we’re leading the nation. And, think how important that baseload energy is for our grid to stabilize the grid, small businesses, constantly working to make sure we cut that regulatory burden, small businesses are the backbone of North Korea’s economy and our country’s economy. And I keep going, I don’t know how much time, you know, you want to go through in this part. But then getting back to the fundamentals, the things that make our country strong, whether it’s securing the border, strong support for law enforcement support for our military, so people feel secure at home and abroad, those fundamentals, you know, that really empower our people and make our country strong,” explained U.S. Senator John Hoeven.

You have two years left with President Biden in his first term, at least. Where can you find common ground?

“Well, that’s going to be tough, really, the first thing we have to do is stop the Biden agenda. I mean, for example, I’ve been down to the border three times, I’m going to get our guards down there, we’ll be down there, probably in another week, 10 days, we’ve got to get that border secure. You know, law enforcement, people are really concerned about crime right now. We’ve got to support the men and women in blue. And so we’re going to continue to fight and push to do that. We’ve got to end these COVID mandates. I mean, you know, people are very frustrated by that, I have opposed it. I think I voted against those COVID mandates 12 times, voted for co-sponsored 12 different bills to end them, you know, again, back to these fundamentals. So we need to win in ’22 and start reversing those policies and then hopefully in ’24, really put the kind of policies in place that will move our country forward and that are good for our state,” said Hoeven.

Now, out of all the Republicans, speaking of 2024, who do you see as potential presidential candidates? Who are some rising stars?

“Oh, I think we have great candidates coming up. And of course, I work with some in the Senate. Tim Scott from South Carolina is I just think the world of him. I think he’s solid. he’s genuine. He gave the rebuttal to the State of the Union. You might have seen him. He got rave reviews for that. I saw Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State on television this morning, obviously DeSantis is, you know, incredible. Good candidate there, too. We’ll see, you know, whether President Trump decides to run again, but I think there are a lot of strong candidates both in the governor’s race ranks, but also, you know, Senate colleagues, and others. So I think that we’re in good shape there. Again, the key is bringing forward the right agenda for our country. And I think that means really getting back to these fundamentals that make us strong and empower people,” explained Hoeven.