NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Some may wonder why hogs in North Dakota are not a huge operation, and surprisingly, the main reason is not the weather.

The USDA has noticed hog and dairy operations are declining in the state.

They say the hog numbers in North Dakota are good, there are just not enough operations. To have a fully functioning hog operation in North Dakota, you need a large packaging plant.

Our state has smaller packing plants, but not super big ones.

“I think most of the packers are outside of the state. So, I think that is the biggest thing is, the price to haul, the price for shipping the hogs off to the packer plant,” said North Dakota Farmers Service Agency Program Specialists, Beau Peterson.

With these prices lowering more and more this year, the USDA hopes to see more operations in our state.

According to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, 150,000 hogs are raised in North Dakota.