NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — It’s a holiday weekend and that means airports in North Dakota and across the country will be busy with travelers.

While busy airports may cause some frustrations this weekend, it could work to our advantage in the long run.

The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission’s Executive Director Kyle Wanner says it’s important to use the state’s own airports.

He says by using the air services already in place, rather than driving to Minneapolis or elsewhere, the airlines see an increase in demand and are more likely to respond positively to communities seeking more flights.

“When we go around the country and the airlines are pulling out of certain communities, or pulling flights, what we don’t want to see is that happening in North Dakota, and so we need to continue to showcase that we have strong demand in North Dakota and we can utilize that to retain the air service that we have and hopefully grow that air service moving into the future,” said Kyle Wanner, Executive Director at North Dakota Aeronautics Commission.

In North Dakota, there are a total of 89 airports, with eight commercial airports and 81 general aviation airports.