As a way to offer aid and assistance to those impacted by two back-to-back snow storms in late April, two groups teamed up to support the state’s cattle ranchers.

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association and the North Dakota Stockmen’s Foundation teamed up for the Hope After Haley Disaster Relief Fund.

Although the fund only started with $40,000 to date, the fund has now nearly tripled.

Organizers from both groups say 100% of the money raised will be distributed to producers who experienced a wide range of livestock loss and building damage.

You can do this in two ways: apply for it yourself or nominate someone else.

A lot of cattle-ranching families give their all every day to care for their livestock but reaching out for help is not something North Dakota producers are known for, but we’ve made it easy for you.

For either the application or the nomination forms, head to the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association website.