A recent data survey suggests North Dakotans do a lot of drinking over the holidays season, defined as running from Thanksgiving through New Year’s.

Enough beer drinking, in fact, to fill 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools. One pool can hold 660,000 gallons of water. Or beer.

PR advice and service company, PRPioneer.com, looked at beer consumption per state during the holidays and divided that total by the number of pools it would fill.

And while North Dakota can fill 28 Olympic-sized pools, Californians can fill 936 such pools — but then, they also have a lot more people than in North Dakota.

In fact, North Dakotans look like teetotalers compared to the neighboring states.

South Dakotans can fill 50 pools with the beer they consume over the holidays, according to the data survey.

Montanans can fill 66 pools, while Minnesotans can fill 157 pools.

You can read the complete survey, along with the methodology used, here.