NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — House Bill 1205 regarding what books would be allowed on library shelves was brought to the Legislature on Tuesday.

Legislators are considering banning books that contain sexually explicit content from public libraries.

These books, which include topics such as sexual or gender identity, would be banned from North Dakota public libraries.

Leaving some people confused as to what books are okay to stay in libraries.

“It’s like where’s the line? And then gender identity also being included is ridiculous to me because I’m a woman, that’s a gender identity. I identify with that, where’s the line? I think all kinds of censorship is wrong,” said Main Street Books Events and Marketing Coordinator, Lindsey Bertsch.

Those who support the bill say it would preserve children’s innocence and reduce their exposure.

However, some people feel these books need to remain on the shelves.

“It also helps foster empathy, even if you don’t identify this way. Books help you empathize with people who do,” added Bertsch.

This bill has come across its fair share of criticism, such as how will the state enforce this bill if passed.

And would librarians have to go through every single book on the shelf in order to make sure the library doesn’t get in trouble?

“The amount of time that librarians would have to spend vetting not only books that they already have, but books as they come out and as they are released would just make it so that way it’d be that much more tax dollars that we would have to allocate to paying for that labor,” stated Bertsch.

If passed, this bill would allow people to request that libraries remove materials in violation of the law, and libraries would have to remove the items within 30 days.

KX News also reached out to legislators regarding this bill but have not heard back.