(KXNET) — State lawmakers are proposing a plan to penalize banks and credit card companies for tracking people who buy guns and ammunition.

House Bill 1487 says that a company cannot keep a list of merchant category codes — also known as MCCs — of people buying firearms, unless it’s part of a criminal investigation.

This bill would give the North Dakota attorney general authority to look into and penalize companies that are found to have improperly targeted law-abiding gun owners.

Right now, the bill includes nearly a million dollars — which could hire two more investigators and another attorney in Drew Wrigley’s office to focus on improper rights infringement.

“Now is the time to pass a law in North Dakota to prohibit such an invasion of privacy and an assault on the second amendment,” explained Rep. Ben Koppelman. “In fact, recently passed bills like this are having an impact on the decisions of the large, national credit card giants.”

Earlier this month, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express announced they would pause their decision to track guns and ammunition purchases.