(KXNET) — A bill that made its way through the House with ease is now making its way through the Senate.

On Thursday, the senate transportation committee heard House Bill 1475, which proposes to increase the speed limit on multi-lane highways to 80 miles per hour in our state.

Raising the speed limit along these highways will still allow cities to work with the Department of Transportation, to minimize the speed limit on the sections of highways that pass through North Dakota cities.

If passed, this bill will be slowly implemented by the D.O.T.

“Therefore it is my contention that since it appears that the roads continue to be safe with the prevailing speed of five miles over the limit, now, that we should raise the limits to that point and let the administrative branch decide if there should be any grace to those limits based on the safety and other factors,” said Representative Ben Koppelman.

He also says raising the speed limit would cause slower traffic to drive at the posted speed limit, this would help traffic flow evenly.