(KXNET) — Amid the ongoing conversation of transgender athletes participating in North Dakota high school and college sports, House Bills 1249 and 1489 have been introduced to designate male, female, and co-ed athletics for high school and college sports in the state.

The house floor heard bill 1249 first, which would require K through 12 student-athletes born male not to participate in female sports.

The North Dakota High School Activities Association already has transgender procedures and policies in place, so some representatives see this bill as useless.

“I feel that this bill is unnecessary, we didn’t have any testimony from any athletes in North Dakota that had been affected, we didn’t have any testimony from any coaches that there were any issues, nor did we have any testimony from any schools that there was an issue,” said Representative Gretchen Dobervich.

House Bill 1489 is very similar to 1249 but instead it focuses on college athletics.

Bill sponsor Representative Ben Koppelman says if there is a biological male who wishes to transition, that player can still compete, but in the male division.

“I don’t see any problem in protecting female sports because the males have their own opportunity. Now if it made sense to protect young women in K-12 and protect their opportunities are we going to turn our backs on them now as they move into the college realm?” added Representative Ben Koppelman.

Representatives who were both for and against this bill stated their side.

A representative, who is also a father of two girls urged the assembly to vote green.

“But it’s okay to vote yes on this bill, you don’t need biased research and opinion, just use your own eyes. I’m the proud father of two lovely young ladies and I want every for them amongst their peers to learn, and play, and compete, and associate, and grow, and succeed,” stated Representative Scott Louser.

Both House Bills passed with a veto-proof majority.