(KXNET) — Individuals with brain injuries need constant care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On Wednesday, senators heard from those in support of a House concurrent resolution that looks at continuing care for those struggling with them.

According to those in support of the idea, brain injuries are considered a chronic condition requiring continuous care.

This resolution would push for a study that would help develop a new system of care for patients with brain injuries in North Dakota, as well as assist those who have suffered a brain injury because of an overdose.

“An overdose, particularly an overdose that has happened through Narcan Saves, can lead to oxygen deprivation,” stated the Center for Rural Health’s Associate Director, Rebecca Quinn. “I can think off the top of my head two or three individuals that have had to go through long-term care because of an overdose brain injury.”

The resolution will now go to the Senate for consideration.