With snow in the forecast for most of the state, it’s important to know how to safely navigate what can be some pretty treacherous conditions.

The Department of Transportation has a map that shows the road conditions around the state.

People can also access cameras on the travel map and actually see the physical road conditions on their routes.

An official from the department says the road conditions are entered manually by snowplow operators as conditions change in order to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

“It allows the public to know the conditions before they get out into their vehicle,” said Maintenance Operations Section Supervisor Brandon Beise. “They know what they’re going to get into and they can plan accordingly. That allows them to either postpone a trip or reschedule it, or reroute it if needed to go around certain conditions.”

People can access the travel conditions map on the Department of Transportation’s website, the ND Roads app or by scrolling to the bottom of the home screen on the KX News Storm team app.