NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The snow covered our roads, but also our crops, at the height of harvest for some farmers.

In Friday’s Eye on Ag and Energy, how the snow impacted our ag workers.

Right now, farmers are hoping the snow starts to melt. Because of the forecast last week, many soybean farmers pushed pretty hard to get their crops off the field before the snow.

This is because of the height of soybean plants. Since they are low, they can get easily covered by snow. That’s why tall crops, like corn, have a leg up in winter weather like this.

“In the way of corn, I know guys really had a good push here last week. Some guys have finished up. I still have a few acres out there, but it was good to see here the last couple days there’s definitely quite a bit of corn that’s left in the field here in the last week,” said Tyler Kralicek, NDSU Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources in Burleigh County.

If the snow and cold temps continue, our farmers will have to combine some of the crops this fall and the rest in the spring.