NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — We’re not quite done with the snow yet. This means plenty of unlucky drivers will find themselves stuck.

“No, not now,” is something that we have all said when driving on the roads during a bad storm.

Although it may be embarrassing, you can get yourself and your car out of this situation, without having to call the tow truck.

But before you take to the streets, make sure that you absolutely have to be on the roads.

“Just stay home it’s not worth the gallon of milk, or a pack of cigarettes, or a case of beer. Nine times out of ten it’s going to cost you more in the end anyway, even if you don’t call us and you end up sliding into somebody else that needed to go get a loaf of bread or something like that,” said NoDak Towing and Recovery Tow Manager, Robert Bohm.

The first thing you need to do to prevent getting stuck is to make sure you have the right tires.

If your tires are bald and are not all-season or winter tires, your tires will not have the traction they need to get you out.

If you can’t find traction for any reason, do not punch the gas as this will cause your tires to spin even more.

“Do not full throttle it, do not spin your tires because you’re just going to dig yourself deeper. If you rock the vehicle back and forth gently, don’t slam it back and forth, but rock it back and forth. Allow the tires to get a little momentum going and crush the snow down a little bit. That usually can free you out,” stated R & J Towing Service Manager, Rick Wray.

Experts say to make sure you are prepared for the worst-case scenario, and carry a shovel in your car at all times.

If you are stuck, use that shovel to clear out space around your tires and underneath your car.

“Even as far as digging in front of the car, 20-30 feet, just enough to get that run, to get up, out of the ditch, or get out of the driveway, or just get out of where you’re at. You can never dig too much,” added Bohm.

Another way to make sure you are prepared is to always be dressed for the weather just in case you have to get out to dig your car out.

You can also throw a bag of sand or cat litter in your trunk.

Cat litter absorbs moisture and that and sand can help your tires gain traction as you try to drive out.