It’s West Nile Season: We Have Some Tips to Keep the Mosquitoes Away

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WDAY (Fargo, ND)– This the time of year to watch out for West Nile Virus.

Back in 2016, North Dakota saw 85 cases. So far this year, only one has been reported about 30 miles east of Minot.

But, keeping mosquitoes from your yard could be as easy a few simple tricks.

According to a study done at UC Davis, one way to keep them away is to dress for success. Ditch the open-toed shoes for something that covers your feet. Mosquitoes have a good sense of smell and are attracted to sweat and bacteria.

Stray away from darker colored clothing, mosquitoes are more likely to land on a dark shirt than a light one.

Another great way to keep these pests out of your yard is to rid yourself of any standing water. It’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

While all of these tips will definitely help, experts say nothing can really beat what you find at the store.

Ben Prather with Cass County Vector Control explains, “These types of products are tested, they’re vetted, they’re designed to do what they do and they do a pretty good job.”

Mosquitoes will also seek shelter from heat by hiding in longer grass and shrubs. So keeping a well-maintained lawn can help you keep you mosquito-free.

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