BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Secretary of State Al Jaeger says the “60 percent petition” didn’t get enough valid signatures to be placed on the ballot.

The petitions that were delivered to Jaeger on April 22 asked for a 60 percent majority vote to approve constitutional amendments and to limit petitions to one subject.

For the 60 percent petition to be placed on the ballot, 31,164 valid signatures were needed. Jaeger says 31,622 signatures were submitted and only 25,884 were accepted.

A breakdown of the signatures

  • 10 petitions were not counted because they were not circulated in their entirety
  • Petitions circulated by three circulators were not counted because of similar writing styles;
    numerous odd city abbreviations and misspellings of Bismarck; contained names of
    individuals (one misspelled) who confirmed they had not signed the petitions; circulator
    signed several petitions; and circulator used several different addresses as their legal
    residential address
  • Petitions included signatures from residents of other states in violation of N.D.C.C. § 16.1-
  • On the petition, signers are required by law to print their name, affix their signature and
    provide a complete address, as witnessed by the circulator. Signatures that did not meet
    all aspects of this requirement (e.g., incomplete addresses) were not counted

Jaeger added that all violations were reported to Attorney General Drew Wrigley.