A term limits petition submitted to Secretary of State Al Jaeger last month was ruled insufficient by him on Tuesday.

Jaeger says the petition didn’t have the number of valid signatures needed and will not be certified or placed on the November ballot. He added that several signatures were likely forged with a notary present, 87 circulators “indicated” they were offered or paid bonuses based on the signatures they obtained, signatures of out-of-state residents were included and that thousands of signatures didn’t meet the law when it comes to the information presented, meaning they were missing either a printed name, signature or a complete address.

A breakdown of the signatures

  • Total number of signatures required by North Dakota Constitution: 31,164
  • Estimated number of signatures submitted by Sponsoring Committee on Feb. 15, 2022: 46,000
  • Actual number of signatures submitted by Sponsoring Committee on Feb. 15, 2022: 46,366

A summary of the rejected signatures

  • Petition not circulated in its entirety: 75
  • Inadequate signatures: 10,614
    • Examples of inadequate signatures are a notary or circulator signing their own petition, the signature doesn’t include a first or last name, a person signed the petition twice, signatures were obtained before the approval date of the petition or after the notarization date of the document, a person signed for another person, the signer failed to print their name as required by law, or circulators were paid by a number of signatures gathered
  • Out-of-state address or missing both city and zip code: 610
  • No date: 371
  • Notary errors: 15,777
  • Circulator errors: 0
  • Address omissions: 1,654

This left the total number of rejected signatures at 29,101. The total number of accepted signatures was 17,265.

Jaeger said all violations will be reported to Attorney General Drew Wrigley for an investigation.