NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — While it’s important to make sure children are safe all the time, the first week of September is dedicated to really driving home the importance of doing so.

National Childhood Injury Prevention Week runs September 1 through 7 each year.

It’s meant to raise awareness for parents and caregivers on how to best keep children safe and prevent injuries.

According to the Safe Kids website, there are many things you can do, including making sure your child’s car seat is properly installed, securing furniture and TVs, and keeping smaller items like batteries out of reach.

“There’s over 8,000 deaths each year, that happen in that age group of 0 to 19. And those deaths are all preventable. So it’s really important that we, together as a community as well as parents and caregivers, get together and do what we can to prevent those injuries. A moment of safety precaution goes a long way, it can even save a life,” said Amber Emerson, the Safe Kids coordinator and injury prevention specialist at Trinity Health.

The Safe Kids website offers other tips to help keep your children safe!