(KXNET) — This week, North Dakota lawmakers approved open enrollment for families who want their kids to learn virtually.

On Wednesday, lawmakers approved a new authority for the Center for Distance Education.

Senate Bill 2269 moves the school in Fargo back under the authority of the Department of Public Instruction. Four years ago, lawmakers moved the program under Career and Technical Education.

The bill also states the center must appoint its own director, have its own budget, and hire a separate staff from DPI.

“I think there’s an opportunity there,” said Senator Kyle Davison. “We certainly opened the door for it yesterday. And we’ll have to see as we go forward here over the next biennium, some tweaks or something that we might need to make to it in regard to the quality of education, the type of curriculum, and how it’s delivered.”

So far, the Senate hasn’t approved the total budget request for the school.