(KXNET) — House lawmakers passed a bill relating to gender pronouns in schools.

Senate Bill 2231 prohibits public schools and state agencies from requiring staff and teachers from using a person’s preferred pronouns.

A teacher can use a student’s preferred pronouns after talking with the student’s parents.

The bill also says public schools may not teach gender during class, nor can workers be required to attend gender-based training.

“What if a kid today wants to be called this but next month or two months from now they want to be called that? And if we are requiring teachers to follow this and believe it is happening in schools. If that teacher makes a mistake and doesn’t call someone by the right pronoun. Are they somehow subject to discipline?” said Rep. SuAnn Olsen, (R) District 8.

The bill passed 60 to 32 and heads to Governor Burgum’s desk.

Lawmakers are considering other gender-related bills including bathroom use in schools and banning transgender girls from playing on girls’ sports teams.