(KXNET) — Right now, state lawmakers are considering a plan which could add more days to the legislative session.

Representative Jim Kasper from Fargo is proposing House Concurrent Resolution 3020, which could add an extra 20 days to the session.

For that to happen, voters would have to approve it on the ballot next year. Right now, lawmakers have 80 days every two years to get their work done.

Under Kasper’s proposal, both the House and Senate would need a two-thirds majority to add more days.

“It does not require that we meet 100 days. We could meet for 60 days, 70 days. But, it gives us an extra 20 days during the biennium to do future business,” Kasper said.

Earlier this month, House lawmakers rejected a resolution that would’ve required the governor to call legislators back to Bismarck if the governor vetoes a bill when the legislature is not in session.