(KXNET) — Earlier Monday, state senators considered House Concurrent Resolution 3019 — which would have put on the ballot a plan to let state lawmakers serve 12 years in the House or Senate rather than being limited to eight years.

On Monday, Senator Jeff Magrum presented an amendment to exclude the governor and legislators from the bill — but both the amendment and the resolution were voted down.

“If term limits stands,” explained Senator Dick Dever, “six years from now, half of us will be termed out. Two years later, the other half. Six years after that, the cycle will repeat, and their experience will come from bureaucrats and lobbyists. I’m not sure that’s what the people want.”

“I wouldn’t want to be running for re-election next session,” said Senator Kyle Davison. “Having put this back on the ballot, I think it’s a little bit self-serving.”

The resolution was presented by representative Jim Kasper from Fargo.