NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Now that it’s warmer and school is out, people are heading outdoors. But summer comes with its own set of challenges, and leaders want to remind everyone to be extra cautious this time of year.

Law enforcement officers are reminding folks that now is the time when lots of kids go play and ride their bikes outside. But, research shows that more teen drivers are on the roads during the summer months, which is proven to cause more accidents.

AAA safety advocates say you need to be sure to look out for clues that kids are around: like balls rolling into the road or bikes on sidewalks. Police say, expect the unexpected — and remember you are largely responsible for everyone’s safety while driving — on or off the roads.

“People get rowdy. We want to drive faster, we want to take out our sports cars, we want to have fun outside. Just be mindful that there are kids that are going to be out playing in the summer,” said the Public Information Officer for the Williston Police Department, Heather Cook. “Watch for kids on bikes, watch for pedestrians. As always, no distracted driving, put the phone down when you’re driving. Buckle up, wear your seatbelt.”

In the state, the use of an electronic device while driving is a primary traffic stop, meaning– you’ll get a citation, a fine, and points off your license.