NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — August was a dry month for farmers and their crops, but was that good or bad?

Moisture in August was slightly lower than the state average, however, the moisture before the harvest did help.

Coming into September, CHS SunPrairie says we are good and all set for the small grains.

Soybeans on the other hand are about a month out and the rain looks to be extremely beneficial for that crop.

However, some areas could use more rain.

“In order for the crops to fill, to have a decent yield. They definitely need the moisture to be able to do that. If you don’t get the moisture and the amounts of moisture and times that you need it, you’re going to have lighter test weight grains, your yields are going to suffer,” said CHS SunPrairie Operations Manager, Lance Kalmbach.

He says farmers are just getting started with harvesting their small grain crop due to the spring snow causing late planting.