OMAHA, N.E. (KXNET) — A company behind a large carbon dioxide pipeline announced on Friday that they’re canceling plans.

The company, Navigator CO2, said they’re canceling plans for a $3.5 billion pipeline which was drawn up to run through Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Illinois.

It was known as the Heartland Greenway Project, but the decision came after South Dakota regulators rejected the company’s siting permit.

On Friday, Summit Carbon Solutions said their pipeline, the Midwest Carbon Express, will move forward as planned.

A company spokesperson shared this statement with KX News.

“Summit Carbon Solutions welcomes and is well-positioned to add additional plants and communities to our project footprint. We remain as committed to our project as the day we announced it. It’s not often you get the opportunity to positively impact an industry that touches every farmer and rural community across the Midwest. We have reached voluntary agreements along nearly 75% of our proposed route – we are pleased that the vast majority of landowners and farmers across the Midwest embrace the project. We look forward to building a generational asset that will create new markets for the ethanol industry and farmers.”

So far, the North Dakota Public Service Commission has not approved the siting permit for Summit Carbon Solutions.

In the last month, the PSC agreed to reconsider the company’s request after previously rejecting the siting permit.