NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Election Day is just under two weeks away. This year, voters in North Dakota will decide if they want term limits for elected lawmakers, and this week, more state leaders are encouraging voters to say ‘no’ to that plan.

And that includes Senate Majority leader Rich Wardner.

The debate over term limits continues, with early voting already underway and with election day in two weeks.

All four majority and minority leaders for the house and senate do not support measure one.

The Greater North Dakota Chamber and six city chambers of commerce have also come out against term limits.

“I absolutely agree with the people’s right to initiate constitutional amendments, that people always have the final say in the constitution in North Dakota, and that’s great. Philosophically I also believe in the people’s right to vote for anybody they want for office. What we’re ending up with in this measure is a situation where the majority of the state can dictate to a district who they can have to represent them,” said Senator Tracy Potter.

If Measure 1 passes in the November Election, it would limit the governor to serving two terms and would limit state legislators to serving eight years in the State House and eight years in the State Senate.

Which is a key concern for groups opposing measure one.

Potter said, “Eight years is not enough time. In eight years, you have been in session less than one year. It takes time to understand the intricacies of our legislature. So, for that reason, the leadership of the democratic non-partisan league urges a no vote on this measure.”

But some groups are still pushing for the measure to be passed.

North Dakota for Term Limits is leading the campaign in support of the initiative.

They said in a statement, “Term limits for North Dakota come with a large number of benefits that include fairer and more competitive elections, increased citizen involvement, a more democratic process, a highly engaged legislative body accountable to and reflective of the electorate, as well as more detailed legislation and better legislative performance.”

But even the North Dakota Farm Bureau and North Dakota Farmers Union have come together against term limits.

“It’s hard to be from a great state like North Dakota and everyone wants to change what we do here. We do a lot of things really good. And we hate to see out-of-state interests all the time change the way we do things,” said Bob Kuylan, vice president of the North Dakota Farmers Union.

“It pays to have a steady hand in the legislature and in government, and we have that. So please, we’re here to urge you to vote no on measure one so we don’t bring some of the problems that we are seeing outside of North Dakota into our state,” said Josh Kramer, vice president of NDAREC.

If the measure is passed, it will be applied to the winners of the next series of elections.

Right now, 15 states have term limits on state legislators. In 36 states, Governors are subject to some type of term limit.