NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and law enforcement is reminding those on the road to be mindful.

The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department says both motorcyclists and motorists need to be aware of their surroundings — not just in May, but year-round.

North Dakota doesn’t have a helmet law, but officials say motorcyclists need to wear protective gear and obey all traffic laws. And drivers who are in a car or truck need to be mindful that more motorcyclists will be out now that spring is here.

According to Vision Zero, there is one thing in particular drivers can do to prevent a motorcycle crash.

“A lot of times when motorcyclists will get into crashes the driver will say I didn’t see them,” explained Vision Zero Regional Coordinator, Therese Liebsch. “So, drivers especially, look twice. Especially during the summertime, because that can be a life-or-death moment for a motorcyclist. Cars are built with airbags and a whole metal frame. Motorcyclists have nothing,”

According to Vision Zero, in 2021 alone, 189 motorcycle crashes occurred in North Dakota. 181 of those crashes were injury-related, and eight were fatal crashes.