NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Right now, one big concern for the Democratic party is gun control, but in North Dakota, that concern looks a bit different.

According to the Democratic Party, Democrats believe gun violence can be reduced while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners.

The site goes on to express the party believes background checks should be expanded for those who want to purchase a firearm.

Democrats say it should not be easier to get a gun than a driver’s license.

And since North Dakota is a strong advocate overall for the Second Amendment, is there a need for the North Dakota DEM-NPL Party to focus on gun control?

“I would not say that gun violence is a top issue in the state, except for the legislators who are trying to make our state less safe with weaker gun laws,” said DEM-NPL Executive Director, Cheryl Biller. 

“What we see as the attack on guns, what’s really happening is those aren’t the guns that are used in North Dakota. That’s not a shotgun for pheasant hunting, typically what you see in that narrative is based on militarized weapons. And, again, that’s not something that we really see here in North Dakota,” said DEM-NPL Treasurer, Patrick Hart. 

Hart says hunting is a part of the culture in our state.

In the first Republican primary debate, current and potential 2024 presidential candidates showed strong support for gun owners.