NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, pour into political campaigns during election cycles, and it is important for North Dakotans to be informed about political spending in our local election before filling out the ballot.

Every political campaign has to file financial reports, and KX News’ Josh Meny dug into Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports for North Dakota’s two political parties.

Looking at the FEC’s financial reporting from January 2021 to August 2022, the DemNPL is about $60,000 up on the Republicans, in total contributions.

But, the important data point to look at is the breakdown between ‘total individual contributions’ versus ‘transfers from affiliated committees.’

Professional political fundraiser Jackson Line explained what the individual contributions for both parties show.

“So if you look at the individual contributions for the Dems, they have about $327,000, in what they call ‘total individual contributions.’ Now, if you compare that to the Republicans, the total individual contributions for the North Dakota Republican Party is $600,000. So double the amount that the Democrats have. And that just means, you know, actual individuals are contributing more so to the Republican Party than to the Democrat Party.” explained professional political fundraiser Jackson Line.

Turn your attention now to ‘transfers from affiliated committees.’

These would be out-of-state contributions from organizations like the DNC and the RNC and their subsidiaries.

“You look at that the Dems have $378,000 and change that they’ve taken in from transfers from affiliated committees versus the Republicans have $45,000 that they’ve done from transfers from Republicans, that’s basically from the RNC or from the DNC and their subsidiaries. So, I think it’s important to note that when you’re looking at these fundraising numbers, a lot of the money that the Democrats have in the Nonpartisan League account is coming from transfers from affiliated community committees,” said Line.

Jackson says these two data points show that there is more grassroots energy behind the Republicans in North Dakota.

“So speaking from a fundraising angle, this would tell me that there’s a lot of grassroots effort behind the Republican Party, versus the Democratic Party would be putting money into a state in order to, you know, get their message across or anything like that. And the important part is that grassroots fundraising really does translate most of the time to actual votes for a candidate or a political party,” said Line.

However, when looking at contributions for individual candidates, such as the candidates running for U.S. Senate, there are different dynamics at play that we will be digging into.

The FEC financial summaries for Independent candidates Rick Becker and Cara Mund have not yet been filed.

According to the FEC, the next congressional and party filing deadline is October 15.

We reached out to the Dem-NPL for comment, but they have not responded yet. We will have the North Dakota Republican Party Chair Perrie Schafer in the studio, on Monday.

Take a look at the FEC financial summaries for the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League as well as the North Dakota Republican Party.