BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — With the number of accidents that occur on North Dakota roads, some may not find it surprising that insurance rates here are high. But what might be shocking is just how high they are — enough to make us the second most expensive state in which to own a car.

A study done by online bill-paying service Doxo reports that when all factors of car ownership are factored in, the top five most expensive states for car ownership are as follows:

StateAverage Price of Auto InsuranceAverage Price of Auto LoanTotal
North Dakota$307$460$767
National Average$196$433$629

Compared to the national average, North Dakotans spend more on auto insurance and loans every month than almost every other state in the US (which has a national average of $629 per month). These prices are only expected to increase, thanks to a number of factors.

Interest rates on auto loans have been observed to be at a near-peak high over the past eight years thanks to limited inventory and supply chain issues. At the same time, inflation is impacting not only people buying cars, but insurers themselves — who are passing the expensive costs of vehicle repair and replacement onto customers.

DoxoINSIGHTS also gathered detailed information about auto loans and insurance for individual cities and towns. Complete records of ND cities like Bismarck, individual states, and locations all around the USA, are visible on their website here.