NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota United represents more than 11,500 public educators and employees.

The union released survey results earlier this year, that K-12 teachers had high levels of frustration and burnout, leading them to contemplate leaving the education field early.

According to a new survey from August, 35% of respondents who considered leaving education early last year are still considering it this year.

“The percentage of teachers, I should say, that indicated that they, when they entered the profession they believed that they would be retiring as a teacher, that was around 91% of people that went into education, thought they’d spend their entire career in education, and then retire as a teacher after a long career. That number has fallen from 91% down to 45%. That should be alarming to people,” said Nick Archuleta, president of North Dakota United.

Almost every county has openings for teachers in our state.

And school districts say it is hard to keep them.

The top reasons for educators wanting to leave their jobs were burnout and additional stress, current salaries, and extra duties becoming burdensome.