In 2019, the North Dakota Department of Transportation, in partnership with Vision Zero, introduced ‘Safety Corridors’ on three sections of North Dakota highways. These road upgrades are part of Vision Zero’s strategy to help eliminate motor vehicle crash fatalities and serious injuries on ND roads.

Now, teaming up with Vision Zero once again, the NDDOT has begun work on its newest Highway Safety Corridor project, which will be placed on U.S Highway 85 from Belfield to Watford City. The project is a continuation of the original goal — to use enhanced safety features and increased law enforcement presence in the area to remind drivers that they are responsible for obeying all traffic laws and speed limits.

Drivers who are traveling through a Safety Corridor area will notice extra signage along the road designed to indicate reduced speed areas and no-passing zones, as well as constant reminders to practice driver safety (remaining sober, distraction-free, and of course, always remembering to buckle up). In 2020, North Dakota’s Safet Corridors were recognized and awarded by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), identifying them as a method of delivering a more reliable, well-functioning, and safer transportation system through operational solutions.

“Safety Corridors are a tool that combines engineering, enforcement, and education to help us reach the goal of zero fatalities on North Dakota roads,” said NDDOT Director Bill Panos in a press release. “Safety Corridors work towards reducing crashes, and also to serve as a reminder to drivers to always take personal responsibility when traveling.”

The 70-mile project is expected to be completed in October.