NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — As the snow continues to melt, the North Dakota Department of Transportation stays committed to clearing the roads.

Crews are hard at work making sure the roads around the state are safe for you to drive on.

An official from the DOT says four-lane roadways like Highway 83, Highway 3, and Highway 52 are top priorities right now.

And then sections of each district will work on the roads that are most traveled for them.

“We are out there working on doing storm clean up, I guess is what you could call it. Where we’re cleaning up the site areas around intersections so that people can see traffic coming toward them. We’re out using our snowblowers, our plows, our loaders. Some of our other equipment just to open up things a little bit better so people can see,” said Chad Beggs, the assistant Minot district engineer.

Beggs wants drivers to know that while the crews are working to remove the ice from the roads, the salt and brine mixture doesn’t work if it’s below 10 to 15 degrees outside.