(KXNET) — For the first time ever, The North Dakota Department of Transportation has now published a combined State Freight and Rail Plan, which will help transport everything we dig up and produce in our state.

The plan breaks down the current conditions and performance of all freight transportation modes. Modes such as highways, rails, pipelines, or air.

According to officials, North Dakota is extremely dependent on the transportation of goods, which we share with all 50 states and countries around the world.

“North Dakota is what we call a producer state. It produces way more product than we actually receive back into the state. So what we wanted to do was to see how the system is functioning and get an idea of what product is moving by mode,” said Stewart Milakovic, transportation planner for NDDOT.

North Dakota doesn’t have the population that other states have, but because it produces so many products, like oil and coal, it helps fuel the nation.