NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Just this week, the NDGOP’s Executive Director, Samantha Holly resigned.

We spoke with former NDGOP Executive Director, Samantha Holly, who says just the act of going to work became riddled with anxiety, and oftentimes overwhelming.

“Things like miscommunication to me, things were being planned, and kind of getting put into place without me knowing until the very end you know. I wasn’t informed of some of these things until they happened and it just kind of made me feel left out of the loop. I no longer felt like I could comfortably do my job, then I’d be asked about them and I’d have no idea I wouldn’t know what they were talking about and it just felt like it was built up to make me fail almost,” said Holly.

She says she should have but she didn’t feel comfortable making decisions on behalf of the office. 

Holly says the tip of the iceberg was the rumors.

“Thrown under the bus for some things that I absolutely shouldn’t have been thrown under the bus for. I did also hear some things that people were saying that Sandi had told them that she no longer wanted me to work there behind my back, and that to me just felt like okay well if you don’t want me here then I’m not going to be here anymore,” she said. 

KX News did reach out to Sandi Sanford, who had this to say:

“It had come to my attention early on, that she was sharing information with former state chairman Perrie Schafer who has been working to undermine my administration.”

KX News did bring this up to Holly who said otherwise.

“We are friends, so do I still talk to him? Absolutely. Because he is a friend and he was my boss for two years, but was I feeding him confidential information? No, that’s not the case, whatsoever,” she said. 

Sanford also stated, “It hurts to see former leaders in the GOP and the Republican community wasting time dividing the party when others are trying to bring the GOP together.”

She goes on to state, “This divided loyalty put her in a position of being manipulated. She has chosen to step out of that untenable position, and I wish her well.”

And when asked if she ever sat and expressed her discomfort within the party Holly said.

“There wasn’t a sit-down conversation where I said this and that I’m having issues with, it was more so you know just kind of saying I didn’t know about this or I would’ve like to know about that kind of thing,” Holly said. 

But, Holly says this is not the end of her political career, as she puts it, what comes next may not be written on paper. 

“I am very much still going to be active. I came into politics, kind of randomly, and I found that I very much enjoy it and I enjoyed the chaos in the craziness, no matter how hard it gets so I’m definitely not going away,” said Holly. 

After three years with the NDGOP, Samantha Holly’s last day will be September 29. 

KX News’ Adrienne Oglesby will be sitting with NDGOP Chairwoman Sandi Sanford sometime next week as she will vocalize her side and more.

You can view the full statement below.