NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Big news here in North Dakota has been Governor Doug Burgum is running for president. This is even bigger news for the NDGOP.

Sandra Sanford, the new state Republican Party chairwoman says it would be premature for her to endorse Governor Burgum for President but does hope he makes the debate stage a month from now.

In one of her first public interviews since becoming the state party chair, Sanford also commented on the attention Governor Burgum is bringing to our state and other issues related to his presidential campaign.

“Do we support the governor jumping out and representing North Dakota and running for president? Absolutely! Everything he does right now highlights the state of North Dakota. In regard to him running and him bringing North Dakota and sharing North Dakota with the country, it’s really a win-win for everybody,” said Sandra Sanford.

Governor Burgum is going the extra mile to ensure a seat at the table on a national level when the discussion is in its final rounds. His most featured tactics are his cash cards.

As KX News reported, our governor is giving $20 cash cards to anyone who donates $1, so that he meets the 40,000 individual donor mark to get on the first Republican debate stage in late August.

“I don’t believe these gift cards violate election laws. Otherwise, we would know that for sure, so to be clear there, and I believe we’re at a time where incentives are required to get people to move,” said Sanford, “He’s not the only candidate that’s doing that. There’s other candidates that are throwing out incentives, and sometimes, that’s what it takes.”

Officials say t-shirts, mugs, or campaign buttons are a common incentive.

So, will the ND GOP rally a travel group on the campaign or assist his campaign financially?

“He’ll have his own campaign that will do that in regard to the NDGOP role. We will have a presidential caucus. Going into 2024, there’s the elections, then there is a presidential election as well. So, we will proceed under the direction of the RNC and move forward with the presidential caucus, and if he’s part of that caucus, we’ll be very proud to see a North Dakotan.”

KX News will continue to follow Governor Burgum’s campaign.

On Friday, KX News will report what the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party thinks of Governor Burgum’s campaign. And on Saturday, we’re taking a look at the future of the Democratic-NPL party in our state.