NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The Greater North Dakota Chamber and the Bioscience Association of North Dakota recently released a report about the effectiveness of price control over prescription drugs.

Price control is something that the North Dakota legislature has looked at in the past, as a possible solution for high prescription drug prices.

However, the study shows that this method will actually do more harm than good for those living in North Dakota.

Officials say the report shows that public policies aimed at imposing mandates to manipulate costs can have unintended consequences.

“What the study found was that price controls don’t work as a solution,” said Andrea Pfennig, director of government affairs. “What they do is they limit the availability of affordable existing prescriptions and they also limit and deter innovation.”

Because of the study, the Greater North Dakota Chamber and BioND are now urging North Dakota lawmakers to reject price control legislation during the upcoming session.