(KXNET) — Tax season is here and it can be a stressful time for some, but knowing exactly what to do, and what is new, can relieve some of the pressure.

KX News met with State Tax Commissioner, Brian Kroschus, who says this year’s tax season is fairly similar to last year’s.

North Dakota expects under half a million returns this year, and according to the state, many people have already begun filing.

When you file your taxes, check your return for accuracy, file early if you can, and determine if you’re eligible for deductions.

“From a North Dakota’s perspective, the income tax, credit program from House Bill 1515 that was approved in the special session a little over a year ago and that provides for $350 for individual filers and a $700 credit for married filing jointly so that will be in effect one more year this current tax season, then it is set to expire,” says Kroschus.

If at any point during your filing process you are concerned about fraud, you can call the state tax commissioner’s office. They have teams available to help.

The North Dakota State Tax Return and payment deadline is April 18th, 2023.