(KXNET) — A brand new menu item is coming for all those Culver’s lovers.

According to a news release, this item is sure to delight burger and chicken lovers.

Starting April 10, for a limited time, the Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Pub Burger and Crispy Chicken Sandwich will be available at Culver’s locations nationwide.

To give people several ways to enjoy this flavor profile, Culver’s made the Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar to go with either fresh, never-frozen beef or a chicken fillet.

You get to choose your protein and then it’s topped with a new sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, sharp cheddar, onion rings, pickles, and signature mayo.

The cheddar bun with real cheddar baked throughout the dough rounds out the taste.

“We’re always looking to give our guests more ways to enjoy new and exciting flavors, and the Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar does exactly that,” said Culver’s Director of Menu Development, Quinn Adkins. “We’re excited for guests not only to experience the smoky sauce that gives the sandwich its name but to truly make it their own with their choice of beef or chicken.”

This sandwich will be available from April 10 until June 11, or while supplies last. Find your Culver’s with the Restaurant Locator on their website.