NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET)— Hello! That’s the title of the 2023 North Dakota Tourism and Marketing Campaign hoping to get more people to come to North Dakota for a visit or to stay.

The latest campaign was unveiled at the North Dakota State Capitol Wednesday. Director of North Dakota Commerce Tourism and Marketing Sara Otte Coleman, as well as North Dakota Transportation Division Director Scott Zainhofsky, joined Governor Doug Burgum for the presentation.

The marketing campaign unveiling also coincided with the release of the 100th-anniversary edition of North Dakota’s state highway map.

Otte Coleman said marketing what North Dakota has to offer is critical, and more of it needs to happen. She said the research her team recently conducted shows the nationwide perception of North Dakota is limited.

“Partially because there’s few of us,” explained Otte Coleman. “There aren’t millions and millions of us inviting our friends or talking about our state. So population is one factor. We just haven’t spent a lot of money marketing our state and telling our story.”

The commerce and tourism division plans on spending $3.1 million advertising the state this year. Otte Coleman also said of the new residents that move to the Peace Garden State and transferred their driver’s license, 76% had visited the state first.

This year’s map features, among other things, QR codes providing specific travel information.
Governor Burgum said information gathering is something he’s happy to help with.

“People that know me know that I love maps,” stated Governor Burgum. “One of the fun things in the job of being governor is I’ve had an opportunity to get to know the map makers, literally, that work for the North Dakota DOT and to share with them. When I drive around North Dakota, if there’s a historic site that’s fantastic but doesn’t show up on the map, you know I’m taking notes and giving them feedback.”

Governor Burgum also said marketing everything that North Dakota has to offer is so essential, especially with our nation trying to fill 11 million jobs.